Where should facilities locate assembly areas / mustering points? 

irst and foremost, assembly areas / mustering points need to be positioned far enough away from danger to be safe. Dangers include the collapsing of a wall, structure, overhead power lines, traffic, or hazardous terrain. A minimum distance of 1.5 times the height of the wall or structure is recommended. Depending on the workplace, assembly areas / mustering points should also have adequate air flow in case of fire and smoke. Take normal wind directions into consideration and consider alternative assembly areas / mustering points in the event of a wind change. Assembly areas / mustering points should be easily accessible and in a high visibility area making it easier for safety professionals and first responders to see what is going on even if communications are lost. There should be enough assembly areas / mustering points to accommodate all employees and visitors on site and positioned in locations that will not interfere with first responders and emergency vehicles / equipment. It is important assembly areas / mustering points are clearly marked with signage and mounted high enough so they cannot be obstructed by vehicles or other moving objects.


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