How should facilities prepare to account for employees?

The most important part of emergency evacuation planning is having a reliable and effective way to account for employees and visitors. Telaeris, Inc. has a blog post that talks about 7 different ways you can account for your employeestijdens een noodgeval.

Accounting for employees and visitors can be accomplished many ways. The traditional way is with a clipboard and paper roster. The problem with that approach is that it is very time consuming, especially for large companies, and the paper rosters will likely not have the latest occupancy information. Every moment counts in an emergency and doing roll call this way wastes time and resources when other tasks, such as looking for missing personnel or handing out safety equipment, needs to be done as soon as possible. Roll calls also have the disadvantages of missing people who check in at the wrong assembly area, so to get a full view of who is safely evacuated, it requires collecting all the rosters from every evacuation area.

There are other ways to account for employees and visitors much faster. There are communication-oriented applications that enable safety professionals to send out messages or email alerts and receive responses back. Depending on the solution, these responses can be used to account for who is safe and who is missing, collecting all information on a central system. There are also wireless devices that can identify employees at muster sites during an emergency. For example, XPressEntry Handheld Badge and Biometric Readers can quickly account for hundreds or even thousands of people in minutes from anywhere. Other wireless solutions include Real Time Location Tracking (RTLS) systems based on battery powered RF transponders that track the live location of every employee. Depending on your facility and workspace hazards, one solution might be more appropriate than others.

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